The Culture And History Of Aboriginal Australia

About Aboriginal Culture

Cultural heritage also relates to the connection and the sense of belonging that people have with the landscape with each other. It is believed that Aboriginal Archeology had the cultural practices and heritage as being part of the both past and present which needs to be kept alive in our day to day lives. Cultural heritage management is the process whereby skilled professionals and indigenous knowledge holders seek to preserve the heritage of previous generations.

Culture And History Of Aboriginal Australia

Aboriginal people have been in Australia for more than 50000 years. Because they were surviving by hunting and living together utilizing stone tools, they were similar to that of Paleolithic people of Europe. However, Paleolithic people eventually evolved by developing pottery, agriculture, metals and wheels whereas this Aboriginal tribe remained unchanged for many years. Apparently, this simple lifestyle of the Aboriginal people resulted into few misconceptions i.e. Aboriginal tribes were not so attached with the land and they were culturally uninformed people.

The Archeological work in the Australia has led to the gradual discovery that Aboriginal tribe were here for a long time. The best estimate was given was about a 100 year ago.

Protecting Aboriginal Places And Objects

Protecting Aboriginal_Heritage

The Aboriginal cultural heritage act is administered by the office of Environment and Heritage “OEH” is the primary legislation for the protection of some important aspects of Australian aboriginal cultural heritage. To protect the ancient piece, there is a requirement to hire a company to look after as well as can maintain and preserve the same. Many organizations provide cultural heritage training that  assist companies in understanding what their duty of care is in regards to cultural heritage and the indigenous people of an area.

The reason to ask to step private companies which are very much in trend for this work is government facing fund problems in maintaining so. The company who is also offering aboriginal cultural awareness training program can be a huge benefit. As this training program educates the employees with the information and context for the regions and communities that used to exist. The content taught in the program offers historical information on aboriginal relationships. Heritage consultants are ideally situated within the industry to provide specialist advice to clients around cultural heritage duties of care.

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